Change management

Setting the direction, developing skills and capabilities, building a robust system

Operational excellence is a grail for any business leader; it enables a business to be competitive and agile in its markets.

Even an in-depth knowledge of the theory of the mechanisms that underpin a high-performing company is often insufficient to guarantee that a culture of excellence becomes truly embedded in a business.

“Musts” and “shoulds” most often prove impossible to implement without real knowledge of how to manage change.

Change management is an essential skill in guiding a business progressively to adopt the collective behaviour that produces excellence. This know-how combines:

  • the ability to understand the business’s strengths and weaknesses,
  • the ability to use that understanding to build the best route to excellence,
  • real inter-personal skills in engaging and supporting team members.

Moving teams towards a new operational culture means:

  • Moving beyond simply thinking in terms of tools: setting the direction by going back to the basic principles of operational excellence. Operational excellence is not a method, but a journey based on guiding principles. Those principles must be adapted in a creative way according to the organisation’s business and corporate objectives, its DNA and its level of maturity;
  • Developing the skills and capabilities of employees and managers: hands-on training, immediate application on the ground and coaching of teams on the job;
  • Building a robust operational system step by step: reinforcing the business’s strengths and breaking with old habits with each step teams take on their journey to operational excellence.

This is the only way the companies for whom we work can succeed in sustainably embedding a culture of operational excellence.

OPEO is the only consultant that speaks three languages: the language of employees, the language of first-line managers, and the language of senior management” Marc Alaux, Managing Director of Cauquil SAS

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