Fostering leaders by implementing performance dialogue and coaching managers across the organization

A company’s performance and agility on its markets depends to a large extent on the quality and effectiveness of the internal dialogue that it is able to create. This dialogue starts between first-line managers and their teams, who hold the levers for improvement and create the added value for customers. It extends across the organization up to the Leadership Team, who sets the vision, direction and tempo.

Creating a performance management system, coaching top managers, developing first-line managers: OPEO is a partner to your entire managerial value chain and helps you to achieve operational excellence through effective leadership.

Implementing a performance dialogue

Our experience taught us that the quality of communication between employees and managers cannot be sustainably built upon the charisma of natural leaders or the quality of a few meetings.

Collective intelligence and leadership skills arise more from a myriad of designed and structured interactions that will guarantee a fast and relevant response to market changes and shop floor reality. In this way managers really get the ability to develop the skills and capabilities of their team members.

OPEO provides you with key skills to support you create or redesign an entire management performance system:

  • Building a performance dialogue structured around performance reviews, a solid ground for negotiating solutions and implementing action plans
  • Driving non-hierarchical meetings to solve problems and capture ideas in order to improve the production system day by day
  • Ensuring a high added-value presence of managers on the shop floor in order to support progress and ensure that good practices are captured and built on

Your company has a potential to achieve operational excellence you may not imagine: give your field operators and managers the chance to realize that and to contribute to this excellence!

Coaching managers at all levels

Each manager holds a significant influence on the internal culture of its company, its teams and on the management system in place. Through its actions and day-to-day behavior, the manager is the one who supports or contradicts the system established by the company.

OPEO has developed its own coaching approach and considers 4 essential levers to help managers transition to real leaders:

  • Effective time management: time and priority management in order to master one’s perimeter
  • Presence on the shop floor with high added-value: a key to stay in touch with the reality of the operations and to set the right sense of urgency
  • Development of one’s team and organization through structured interactions: praise achievements and detect discrepancies in order to constantly communicate the vision of where the organization should be
  • Control of problem solving process efficiency: leaders have the duty to ensure effective problem solving through team dialogue, and best practice consolidation.

OPEO supports all managers to apply these 4 levers of leadership development so that they are able to fulfil their roles, with a special focus on developing their own coaching skills. By catalyzing interactions and collective intelligence, they enable the company to achieve operational excellence!

Developing first-line managers

Why developing first-line managers? They are the cornerstone of operational performance, the main thing that matters nowadays in order to face globalized competition. They give support to operators who create added value for the customer. They drive the on-time delivery for customers. They communicate the objectives set by the executive management. And they are the eyes and ears of safety and collective life rules. Where team performance, company’s culture and management objective meet, team managers and workshop supervisors are the guardians of the whole improvement potential of an industry.

However this role should not be restricted to a few natural leaders that would have to be found in the ‘jungle’ of the supervisors’ teams. The first-line manager function should really be built and cared for.

OPEO will accompany your first-line managers along the 4 levers of leadership development by setting up a performance management system that will prevents them from the usual slide: dealing with emergencies only. It will allow them to focus their new-found time with their team on maintaining the balance between the obligation to produce, and the expected day-to-day critical analysis and operational improvement.


In a nutshell, OPEO supports your team at all levels to find the delicate balance between operations management on the shop floor and continuous improvement of the organization… and for your customers’ satisfaction!


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