At OPEO, we are convinced that Operational Excellence is one of the key factors in French small- and medium-sized businesses regaining competitiveness. That is why we have chosen to present the following offering to regional and local authorities:

  • To draw up a report on the potential for improvements to the local industrial base by diagnosing the industrial performance of local businesses, and to propose levers of improvement that can be operated by both the regional and local authorities and the businesses themselves,
  • To educate management teams and regional and local authority staff about the principles of Operational Excellence, using our mobile factory unit,
  • To adapt, for each local industrial base, an innovative programme built on the effective and sustainable transformation of successive clusters of businesses, thanks to changes structured around a programme of common learning, hands-on training on a “training ground” provided within each cluster and the establishment of operational excellence levers in each business.

This innovative approach to our task enables us to guarantee:

  • Clear measurement of the return on investment of each project in the local or regional area,
  • Access to our expertise for businesses which, in some cases, are facing difficulties that limit their ability to use consultants,
  • Deployment of methods that have been tried and tested in our traditional business,
  • Better visibility for businesses of the solutions offered by their regional local authority, through sharing experiences.
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