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Innovation at the service of operational, environmental and digital excellence in the industry of the future.

The Lab’OPEO: where innovation and the field meet.

We created the Lab’OPEO to meet three challenges:

  • To research, identify and enrich—through our innovations—the best practices in technical, organisational and human sciences that augment systemic change.


  • To refine our understanding of the stakes, difficulties and assets of industrial transformations.


  • To make proposals to the State and local authorities to help our transition towards an industry of the future and to contribute to the transfer of best practices in this area to the local industrial fabric.

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L'hypermanufacturing, le nouveau modèle industriel

Webinaire organisé le 22 juillet 2020

Green’Ops : comment engager sa transformation vers une industrie positive

Webinaire organisé le 17 juin 2020

DemoDays - Comment engager la transformation vers de nouveaux modèles ?

Démodays - Webinaire organisé le 10 juin 2020

UP’EO: an operational transformation … as if you were already there!

UP’EO allows you to experience, at your premises, an operational transformation for a day in our simulated environments. Live a unifying and dynamic experience by tackling the technical, human and managerial challenges of operational change!

Enjoy the video of a one-day training session and contact us to find out more about how to register for our next session.

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UP'EO : une transformation opérationnelle… comme si vous y étiez déjà !

Involve OPEO experts in your organisation.

Through a conference, a seminar or a UP’EO training course, the OPEO experts will connect you to the latest innovations applied in your industry.