To make you the best on your market through operational excellence

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve previously unexpected levels of performance through operational excellence.

Operational excellence is a grail for any business leader; it means a business is able to be competitive and agile in its markets.

However, there is often an insurmountable gulf between becoming aware of the potential to improve competitiveness through operational excellence and actually seeking out that improvement. Operational excellence cannot be taken for granted: “musts” and “shoulds” most often prove impossible to implement without real knowledge of how to manage change. At OPEO, we help you plan your route to excellence, taking account of your internal culture, your industrial maturity and the specific characteristics of your markets.

Our conviction, built on the 63 years of experience we have between us in the service of industry, is that operational excellence must be a shared journey: it involves everyone from the employees on the ground, who hold the levers of improvement, to the management, who set the direction and the pace. Managerial development is also key to achieving excellence. At OPEO we prioritise the search for sources of improvement that are quickly visible to all and we enable each employee to measure the progress achieved. We also provide personalised coaching, supporting first-line managers and training an individual within the company to act as a focal point and continue to drive operational excellence after our involvement has come to an end. In this way, operational excellence will be sustainably embedded in behaviours.

Finally, at OPEO we are convinced that operational excellence is the key to French small- and medium-sized companies regaining competitiveness. That is why we propose a specific approach for institutions. Aimed at regional and local authorities, this approach places operational excellence within the reach of clusters of businesses located in the same industrial area.


OPEO was created as the result of a business meeting between three consultants with solid experience in industry (automobile, aeronautics, etc.) and in one of the largest firms (one of the “Big Three”) in the world of strategy and management consultancy: David Machenaud, Frédéric Sandéi and Michaël Valentin.

We are regularly joined by young engineers with experience in industry, graduates of the leading engineering schools in France (Mines de Paris, Centrale Paris). We have two ambitions for them. The first is to offer them a strong personal development path by enabling them to work on actual, concrete problems. The second is to enable them to take part in a true business adventure.


How operational excellence has made them more competitive

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